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Block and Residential Management


We are passionate about block and residential management and pride ourselves on our specialist skills. Our detailed and thorough procedures for day to day and longer-term management enable our clients to own, occupy and sub-let their properties with confidence. As a result, we achieve a high level of leaseholder satisfactions. Our clients know that under our management their property is well maintained and will continue to provide a sound investment for the future.

Our strategy is to analyse and reduce Landlord expenditure to the minimum whilst simultaneously ensuring rents are properly viewed within a negative impact on occupancy; maximising your overall rental income. We offer you peace of mind that your property is being looked after via our residential management through our quarterly inspections, ensuring that your tenants receive a personal service from a dedicated property manager.

Our Block Management fee is always based on an agreed amount per unit rather than on a percentage of the total service charge expenditure. This enables property owners to know in advance at the commencement of each financial year, the level of management fees. With a fixed management fee rather than a percentage based management fee; our emphasis is focused on actively reducing service charge expenditure while maintaining quality of service and client satisfaction.

Our Residential flat Management fee is based on a fixed amount per calendar month rather than a percentage of the annual rent. This allows property owners to benefit from a fixed management fee over a long period of time regardless of the length of tenancy; however at the same time receiving the benefits of the increased rental yields due to the growing rental market on the beginning of each new tenancy with current or new tenants. This allows U.K and Overseas landlord to calculate their yearly management fee and forecast long term accounts for their investment.